Former Liberal leaders acquitted in the electoral campaign bribe file

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Former presidential adviser George Scutaru and former vice-president of the Chamber of Speaker, Dan Motreanu,former members of the National Liberal Party, have been acquitted in the file where they had been charged with bribery to finance the electoral campaign of 2008. The ruling pronounced today by the High Court of Cassation and Justice is final.

The High Court has overruled as unfounded the appeal filed by the anti-corruption prosecutors against the the acquittal ruling previously taken by a first court in June last year.

DNA accused Motreanu of receiving EUR 250,000 bribe and Scutaru, EUR 170,000 to finance the electoral campaign of 2008.

Dan Motreanu was prosecuted by DNA in 2015 for using his influence and leadership position of authority conferred by a political party in order to obtain an undue advantage for another one. George Scutaru, former presidential adviser, was also prosecuted for complicity to bribe taking and money laundering.

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