Former mayor of Lunca Muresului, stabbed eight times

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Former social-democrat mayor of Lunca Muresului, Alba County, Ioan Rusu, died in the night of Saturday to Sunday after being stabbed several times in the abdomen, chest and neck, which caused him heavy bleeding.

“It’s a murder, investigations are ongoing. The coroner will determine the exact cause of the violent death. Heavy bleeding was caused by the application of several stab wounds in the upper body, abdomen, chest and neck,” said the prime prosecutor of the Prosecutor Office upon the Alba Court, Marius Ungureanu. He added that he died shortly after being stabbed.

The former mayor of Lunca Muresului, Ioan Rusu, was found dead Sunday morning by his car. The body was found at around 4.00 am, near the dispensary, on a street bordering a field on the outskirts.

According to unofficial sources, it seems that Ioan Rusu left home Saturday afternoon to give an acquaintance some money, but did not get to see that person.

The wife of former mayor was the one who called the police. Police found the sum of RON 1,000 on him.

Ioan Rusu was mayor of Lunca Muresului during 2012-2016.


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