Former mistress unveils violent behavior of Iasi mayor


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The case of Iasi mayor Gheorghe Nichita turned into a soap opera rather than a criminal investigation. Initially placed on remand late last week, Nichita is now subject to legal restrictions pending trial in the case of spying his former mistress, employer within Iasi City Hall.

Adina Samson (photo), the mayor’s former lover was also the one who reported him at the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA). She told prosecutors that Nichita was extremely jealous, that he threatened her and even hit her. The woman says she’s got evidence for these aggression acts.

Nichita’s former mistress says that their affair got worsened in September last year, arguing it was his aggressions that made her leave him.

“He threatened me he would destroy me and that it would be his only aim in life. He used to hit me, as a result of his jealousy and of the fact I turned his proposal down,” Samson said as quoted by Digi 24.

The woman confirmed that Iasi mayor had asked several employees of the local police to hunt her and that these persons had been coordinated by the Local Police chief, Liviu Hliboceanu, who is also investigated in this case. Adina Samson confessed he intended to sue Nichita, but also the Local Police and ask for compensations.

Anti-corruption prosecutors said that Gheorghe Nichita has asked a service chief within the Local Police to buy a spy app that has been installed on the mistress’ mobile.

Investigators also pointed out that Nichita had been even resorted to Corduneni criminal clan to hunt his lover and to threaten a man that she had been meeting at a certain moment.

Iasi Mayor refused to comment on his former lover’s accusations. “I cannot answer any questions, the investigation must go on. I am neither a robot nor a puritan,” Nichita stated.



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