Former President Ion Iliescu, heard by Prosecutor General’s Office in Revolution file

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Former President, Ion Iliescu, was heard Tuesday morning by the Prosecutor General’s Office in the Revolution file. Iliescu has been informed he is charged with crimes against humanity committed during 22-27 December 1989.

Iliescu was already suspect for crimes against humanity committed during December 27-31, 1989, and now prosecutors informed they had extended the period of time when he allegedly committed these deeds, namely December 22-27, 1989.

Several protesters, in front of the Public Ministry’s offices, chanted: ‘murderer’, ‘communist’, ‘it’s time for you to pay’.

Adrian Georgescu, Ion Iliescu’s lawyer, said upon leaving the offices he does not comment on the issue. “It’s a very subjective issue. As you have noticed in the Miners’ Riot file, the scenario is similar. The file will reach the court,” he said.

Prosecutors decided on April 17 to extend and carry out further prosecution for crimes against humanity against Ion Iliescu, informs the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court), given that the former President was present at the Prosecutor General’s Office, where he spent about an hour and a half.

Iliescu, “at the date of the deeds, member and chairman of the National Salvation Front Council”, has been initially charged with deeds committed during December 27-31, 1989.

The Prosecutor’s Office also stated that the extension of the criminal prosecution no longer requires the opinion of President Klaus Iohannis.


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