Former Prince Nicolae admits paternity, says will assume responsibility


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Former Prince Nicolae has announced that the paternity test results are positive, in regard to the child of Nicoleta Cirjan, a young woman with whom he had relations in the past.

The result is positive, I am the father of the child,” the former Prince wrote, reports.

Nicoleta Cirjan has accepted to carry out the paternity test and the result is positive. Nicolae has made the announcement, although he got married last year, in September. Nicolae says he would assume responsibility.

Former Prince Nicolae and his wife Ana Maria Binder

“Following my persistent requests to conduct the paternity test of my alleged child, Mrs. Nicoleta Cirjan has accepted. The result is positive, I am the father of her child. Given the context in which this child was born, the fact that I have had no relation with the mother, I have assumed the legal responsibility to the child. For reasons related to protecting the superior interests of the child, I believe that any issue about the child’s life is strictly private. With the wish to protect the child and avoid risks connected to the media or bullying, I have decided to cease any comments on this subject,” the former Prince wrote on Facebook.

In an unprecedented move, Romania’s Royal House announced in August 2015 that Prince Nicolae, the son of Princess Elena, has been removed from the line of succession to the defunct Romania’s throne and has been also stripped of the “Romania’s Prince” and “Royal Highness” titles.

The press reported that the decision came as a result of the fact that he allegedly was to become the father of a child whom he would not recognize. The baby, a little girl, was born in February 2016. Nicolae asked the mother, through his lawyer, to perform a paternity test, but the young woman refused.

Nicoleta Cirjan and her child

Former Prince Nicolae religiously married on September 30, 2018 Alina Maria Binder. The event took place in Sinaia. The representatives of the Royal House of Romania did not attend the event, not even Nicolae’s mother Princess Elena.

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