Former Prince Nicolae has wed Alina Maria Binder in Sinaia, hundreds attended the ceremony


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The former Prince Nicolae has religiously married on Sunday Alina Maria Binder. The event took place in Sinaia. The religious ceremony will be held at the Church of St. Elijah, the official service was conducted by a group of priests led by Calinic, the Archbishop of Arges and Muscel.

The representatives of the Royal House of Romania did not attend the event, reports, not even Nicolae’s mother Princess Elena.

Hundreds of people have attended the wedding at the Saint Elijah Church, chanting the name of the former Prince, the nephew of late King Michael I. Some of the participants have brought the flag of the Royal House of Romania.

Alina Maria, wife of Nicolae, wore a dress created by a Romanian designer, with subtle popular motifs.

The invitees were dressed in day dresses and hat for ladies and girls, and costume or uniform for gentlemen.

The grooms have two pairs of godfathers: two Romanians living in the UK and a businessman and his wife from Bucharest. They arrived at the church about 15 minutes before the grooms and took welcomed them when the car arrived at the church.

The party, with 200 guests, takes place Sunday evening at Sinaia Casino.

King Michael’s nephew proposed to Alina Maria Binder during a holiday spent together in Cornwall. The wedding ring is dated July 29, 2017.

Nicolae is 33 years old and won the sympathy of Romanians in 1992, when he accompanied King Michael on the first visit allowed by the Romanian authorities after the exile imposed by the communist regime. At the age of 25, Nicholas received the title of the Prince, and since 2008 he has participated in several actions, ecological and charitable.

In an unprecedented move, Romania’s Royal House announced in August 2015 that Prince Nicolae, the son of Princess Elena, has been removed from the line of succession to the defunct Romania’s throne and has been also stripped of the “Romania’s Prince” and “Royal Highness” titles.

The press reported that the decision came as a result of the fact that he allegedly was to become the father of a child whom he would not recognize. The baby, a little girl, was born in February 2016. Nicolae asked the mother, through his lawyer, to perform a paternity test, but the young woman refused.



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