Former Prince Nicolae, involved in road accident in Bucharest


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Former Prince Nicolae was involved in a road accident on Tuesday, in the neighbourhood of the French high-school in Bucharest.

Bucharest Police sources say that the nephew of late King Michael I, former Prince Nicolae, was involved in a road collision with another car, in the northern part of Bucharest, reports.

The accident had no serious consequences and the two parties have reached a mutual agreement. The information points to the non-observance of the distance between cars, and the second driver is the culprit.

In January, The Telegraph published an article about the former Prince Nicholas of Romania, late King Michael’s grandson, removed from the line of succession of the Romanian Royal House in August 2015. Nicholas Medforth – Mills told an interview for the British daily that he will return to Romania with his new wife in order to live here from now on.

In an unprecedented move, Romania’s Royal House announced in August 2015 that Prince Nicolae, the son of Princess Elena, has been removed from the line of succession to the defunct Romania’s throne and has been also stripped of the “Romania’s Prince” and “Royal Highness” titles.

According to a Royal House’s press release, on August 1 this year H.M. King Michael signed a document enforcing these decisions.

“As head of the Romania’s Royal House, King Michael came to these decisions looking ahead the times when the life and reign of his daughter Margareta come to an end. His Majesty stated that the Royal House and the Romanian society of those times will need a ruling under the sign of well balanced modesty, with moral principles, respect and always thinking of the others. Preserving the same affection for his grandson, King Michael hopes that Nicolae will find in the upcoming years a right way to serve his ideals and to use the qualities that God gifted him with,” read the press release, which also mentions that Her Royal Highness Princess Elena, Nicolae’s mother has been informed on this decision in a personal letter sent by the King.




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