Former SRI first deputy Florian Coldea – lecturer at National Academy for Information

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Former First Deputy of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Florian Coldea is currently lecturer with the ‘Mihai Viteazu’ National Academy of Information (ANIMV).

“Mr. Florian Coldea won the contest, in a transparent way and in accordance with all the laws and regulations in force, for the lecturer seat,” the ANIMV Press Office informed on Wednesday.

In January, the Romanian Intelligence Service announced that SRI Director Eduard Hellvig had asked President Klaus Iohannis to place in reserve General Florian Coldea after he had asked to be released from office. The SRI stated that the reasons Coldea made this gesture “are related to military dignity and honour and to the risk of serious harm to the institution.”

President Klaus Iohannis announced on January 17, during a briefing at Cotroceni Palace, that he had signed the decrees regarding General Florian Coldea on releasing him from office and placing him on reserve.

The head of state took the opportunity to say it is a good thing there is talk about the intelligence services and things need to be sorted out. “Two red lines should be drawn in regard to the relation between the intelligence services and politicians, as well as between politicians and the intelligence services,” Iohannis said.

The President stressed these issues should be cleared out and that parliament would have to have talks on such issues.

On March 2, Florian Coldea, former first-deputy of the Romanian Intelligence Service was heard by the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding the recordings aired by former MP Sebastian Ghita (who later left Romania and is now under judicial control in neighbouring Serbia).

According to the source close to the Prosecutor’s Office, the former SRI first-deputy director was heard also last week, as witness in the file.

The then chairman of the parliamentary committee for SRI control, Adrian Tutuianu, said at the end of January that the commission’s report reads that Florian Coldea and Sebastian Ghita travelled together to the Seychelles Islands and to Italy.

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