Former SRI Officer: 80 persons in state leadership positions taped. Tariceanu – the main target

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Former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Officer, Daniel Dragomir, has said on Friday that a taping/tracking warrant was issued by SRI for 80 persons in the state leadership, the target being Calin Popescu Tariceanu, in a file opened in 2013 and from which the Microsoft file was later disjointed.

The warrant was issued for the period July 4, 2014-November 6, 2014, concluded four days after the first round of presidential elections in 2014, reports.

The former SRI Officer claims that the warrant was given in a file opened in 2013, based on a notification from Ponta Government, and refers to deeds during the 2000s.

From this file, the Microsoft file was later disjointed, according to Dragomir.

“During July 4 and November 6, 2014, a number of Romanian politicians were under a very strict taping warrant for their activities during the presidential campaign. The presidential campaign took place at the end of 2014 and this warrant, one of the toughest warrants I have ever seen and included, inter alia, the taping of communications but also video surveillance, audio surveillance, localization, tracking by specific technical means. It was a warrant having over 80 people as targets,” Daniel Dragomir said on Friday in a press conference.

Dragomir claims the warrant was issued by Colonel Valentin Şelaru, judge with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Supreme Court – our note).

“But this file that I am presenting to you refers to a much more serious matter, namely, to political police acts against the legitimate leaders of the country,” the former SRI Officer added.

Among the 80 people intercepted and localized were Calin Popescu Tariceanu – Senate Speaker at that time and candidate for the presidential election, Vasile Blaga – who at that time led the election campaign of one of the candidates, Ecaterina Andronescu, Varujan Pambuccian, Radu Stroe, Eugen Orlando Teodorovici, Ioan Rus, Borbely Karoly, Enache Jiru, Mihnea Costoiu, Dan Nica, Marian Săniuţă, adviser Bogdan Teodorescu, General Toma Zaharia, Sebastian Vladescu, Vlad Moisescu, Ioan Moraru, Daniel Funeriu, Valerian Vreme and Gabriel Berca.

At the same time, Catalin Harnagea, the former director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), journalist Bogdan Chireac, Alexandru Bittner, Tiberiu Urdareanu and Irina Socol were also taped.

“This six-month warrant, which covered the entire pre-election campaign and election campaign of the 2014 presidential elections, leads us to the following issue: Mr Oprea’s living room was discussed. This warrant and this file and the information which I will continue to release, lead us to thinking of another hypothesis: namely, that in 2014, in the positions of responsibility of the Romanian state, which they turned into an arrested state, were the same people as in 2009. Would it be the answer to President Iohannis’ official position in the speech on December 1?,” the former SRI Officer said.

According to Dragomir, during the 2014 election campaign, there were joint operative teams made up by DNA and SRI, who dealt with these targets.

“We have to understand and declare the involvement of DIICOT, SRI, DNA, the Ministry of Interior and other institutions of force in the election campaigns. The Romanians were always told what to vote for,” Dragomir added.

The former SRI Officer also said that he has sent the documents on the taping/ tracking mandate to the Senate Speaker, Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, because he had been the main target of the warrant.

Tariceanu: I didn’t know I was taped. Another proof of the parallel state’s existence

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu that he had no idea he is taped in a file disjointed from the Microsoft case, that he hadn’t been announced about the interception warrant and that the situation reveals the existence of the parallel state.

Taping a candidate during the electoral process is leading to suspicions and serious accusations related to the distortion of the electoral process, for one of the candidates is therefore advantaged. It’s an extra proof that the parallel state exists. I want to see the legal basis for the taping (…) By the law, I must be informed about the taping,” Tariceanu said.

Overall, the Senate speaker voiced his doubt over the fairness of the elections in 2014.

Moreover, Tariceanu launched new accusations against President Klaus Iohannis, saying the head of state is patronizing the state repressive system, which, in its turn, is using President Iohannis as a catspaw.

“The President is patronizing the state repressive system, which, in using him as a catspaw, in order to extend, to perpetuate the distorted system that has been installed in Romania (…) Today, at the helm of the country there is the catspaw of those who brought the incumbent president in office,” Tariceanu stated, claiming that president Klaus Iohannis is counting on the force institutions and that he doesn’t care “about the blunt breach” of the citizens’ rights and liberties.

ALDE chairman said that President Iohannis is making the same “mistke” as his predecessor, to use “the state repressive forces to handle the political fight”.

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