Former TelDrum employee: Liviu Dragnea attended the company’s shareholders meetings

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A former employee of TelDrum in Teleorman County has talked to ‘Ziarul liber’ about the

Company and the way it was managed. According to the paper, quoted by, the former employee has said:

“There are several years since I’ve left and I don’t remember exact dates, but I was there and I remember the essential issues. He used to call us for hunting, to parties, to feasts. His connection with TelDrum was well known by everyone. He attended the shareholders meetings, he participated to decision-making. All the motor car plates belonging to TelDrum had registrations with LDP. What is LDP? Liviu Dragnea President! He requested to be called ‘Mr. President’ and he solved problems for everyone. You had problems with your child? You went to him, you had debts – you went to visit him, one could go to him for any problem, even if you wanted an office or a house… He built up an empire about which no one wants to talk, because he offered something to everyone,” the former TelDrum employee said.

The chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea was heard at the National Anti-corruption Directorate Monday morning.

The DNA has officially announced after the hearing that Liviu Dragnea is criminally prosecuted for abuse of office, embezzlement of EU funds and setting up an organized criminal group while he was head of the Teleorman County Council. The charges were related to favouring TelDrum, the company rumoured it would have been set up by Liviu Dragnea, in assigning some contracts.

Marian Fiscuci, former owner of Tel Drum, is also prosecuted.

Anti-corruption prosecutors revealed that there are two ongoing files related to TelDrum, with the criminal prosecution started in the first one against the company, as legal person, while the second case is targeting the deeds allegedly committed by the PSD chair Liviu Dragnea, during the time when he was president of Teleorman County Council.


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