Former tennis player Dinu Pescariu, prosecuted in the file of taking over ‘Cutezatorii’ sports base, damages of EUR 93m


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Former tennis player Dinu Pescariu will be prosecuted. The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors accuse him of instigation to abuse of office. The damage in this file amounts to EUR 93 million.

The calculation is based on an audit conducted by the Court of Auditors. Pescariu allegedly has taken over the sports base illegally and reportedly has paid a much smaller rental fee for it than the market price (EUR 9,000 per month). The Court of Auditors claims the rent should have amounted to EUR 1 million per month, given the area of ​​the sports base and the location, reports.

The former tennis player is being investigated in this file under judicial control.

Judicial sources say a new file has been opened on how the sporting base was managed by Dinu Pescariu through his foundation.

The base was leased from RA-APPS, and then the lease extension was approved by the Ministry of Education.

The contract, originally concluded for 10 years, was extended for another 25 years in 2009. Prosecutors have suspicions about how the contract has been extended.

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