Former Tourism Minister calls for the resignation of the Meteorology Administration director, for panicking declarations

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Former Minister of Tourism Mircea Titus Dobre requests the resignation of the head of the National Meteorology Administration (ANM), Elena Mateescu, accusing her of making “dangerous and panicking statements that have emptied the Romanian seaside this weekend.”

“The ANM director has to explain if she can issue correct forecasts, if not, she should resign! Elena Mateescu has emptied the Romanian seaside this weekend.anm She said the weather phenomenon that generated a devastating storm in Greece on Wednesday, with hundreds of victims, including six dead, could cause incidents in Romania as well, the Romanian seaside will be affected,” Dobre wrote on Facebook.

The former Tourism Minister said that the news that there are chances that the cyclone in Greece could hit Romania, especially the Romanian seaside, has made thousands of Romanians cancel the reservations for the weekend.

“On Saturday, severe weather warnings were issued, including Code Orange for storms, although these phenomena have not been recorded. The ANM director should tell us if she does not have equipment to issue the correct forecasts. If the ANM specialists do not know how to use the equipment, then they should leave from their positions. The ANM Director said the population needs to prepare for a disaster by the end of this month, though on another occasion, she explained that it is not possible to give accurate forecasts for a period longer than three days. If she continues this way, she will manage to destroy Romanian tourism, not only on the Black Sea, but also in other parts of the country,” Dobre added.

The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) Director General Elena Mateescu explained for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster Thursday evening that the cyclone could reach the Black Sea and then the Romanian territory during the weekend.

“The weather forecast in Romania points to high atmospheric instability, mainly in the central, western and mountainous regions, on Saturday. This front system heading eastwards would bring on Sunday an even higher instability degree, in most of the country. Depending on the cyclone’s nucleus positioning, we will monitor the situation, Saturday morning we will see if the patterns will keep the structure and positioning in the region of Romania, which could bring severe atmospheric phenomena, then we will issue a general warning,” Elena Mateescu said.

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