Former TV owner Dan Diaconescu gets final sentence of 5 years in jail


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Former OTV owner Dan Diaconescu was sentenced to five years and six months in prison on Wednesday for blackmail. The Bucharest Court of Appeal’s ruling is final.

Diaconescu was seized by prosecutors right after the ruling and taken to Rahova Penitentiary. “I guess no Romanian will ever trust the justice system right now. They have closed down my TV stations, my party, now they are imprisoning me,” Dan Diaconescu told journalists while was seized handcuffed from his residence in Primaverii district in Bucharest.

Diaconescu actually received two sentences, one of four years and six months and another one of three years, both for blackmail, but he is to serve a massed sentence. The judges also forbade Diaconescu to perform any media activity for a five-year period, after serving the prison sentences.

The former media tycoon must pay Ion Mot, the mayor of Zarand village in Arad a sum of RON 19,377 representing court charges.

Former OTV producer Doru Parv was also sentenced to four years in jail in the same file and the same went for another OTV former producer Mitrus Ghezea, only that he got the gentlest sentence, 2 years and six months in jail.

Initially, Dan Diaconescu had got only three years in jail in December 2013 but Bucharest Court of Appeal raised the sentence to five years and a half.

Prosecutors argued that during May-September 2009, Dan Diaconescu threatened Ion Mot, the mayor of Zarand village in Arad to make him pay OTV EUR 200,000. The threats have been exerted directly, during an OTV show, but also indirectly, through Doru Parv.

Pressured by these threats, the mayor gave producer Doru Parv EUR 30,000 and RON 42,000, the money aiming to get to Dan Diaconescu.

Prosecutors also accuse Dan Diaconescu that in April 2005 he threatened businessman Paul Petru Tardea to give him EUR 100,000, from which the former OTV manager actually got EUR 4,500.

Dan Diaconescu is also the founder of PP-DD party, which managed to enter the Parliament at the previous parliamentary elections.


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