Former wife of Nicu Ceausescu to run Media Pro Studios in Buftea


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Poliana Cristescu, former wife of Nicu Ceausescu, one of the sons of former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, is to run the Media Pro Studios in Buftea along with Hollywood producer Donald Kushner, studios bought late last year by businessman and director Bobby Paunescu. Kushner is the producer of films such as 7 seconds, Andre, Throne, Legacy, Blitz and Oscar awarded Monster.
The two will be part of the studios’ board, along with two more people, having a mandate until the autumn of 2019, reports.
According to the source, Lithuanian Aleksandras Chesnavichus, appointed in 2013 director general of Pro TV, company owned by Central European Media Enterprises, will withdraw from the board.
Concomitantly the Media Pro Studios will change name into ‘Bucharest Film Studios’.
Poliana Cristescu is the former wife of Nicu Ceausescu, one of Elena Ceausescu’s favourites even after the divorce of the two.
At the time, it was said that Poliana was to take over, together with Nicu Ceausescu, the leadership of Romania. Until 1989 Poliana led the National Council of Pioneers, being a member of the Communist Party.

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