Four injured in the Colectiv fire urgently discharged from hospital in Brussels following terror attacks

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Four of the youngsters injured in the Colectiv fire last autumn, admitted to the “Queen Astrid” Military Hospital in Brussels are being discharged on Tuesday to make room for the people wounded in today’s terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital. The discharged patients, Raluca Chiţiga, Ciocanelli Silviu Mihail, Oana Rotariu and Marius Frăţoaică are to be transported to Romania, official sources told Mediafax.

The four were undergoing a recovery treatment in the Belgian hospital, after they had been brought there from other medical units in Europe.

Another two Romanians injured in the Colectiv blaze, Bogdan Moleşag and Pavlos Popovici, are staying at the Military Hospital in the Belgian capital.

According to Raed Arafat, secretary of state within the Interior ministry, the doctors in Brussels have done the right thing. “If the Romanian patients’ lives were not in jeopardy and were there for recovery, it’s natural to happen this way,” Arafat sai.

One of the discharged patients, Marius Frăţoaică told the above-mentioned news agency that “they had all their baggage packed in ten minutes”, while the first injured in the terror attacks came up in the short run.

The Colectiv tragic fire occured on October 30,2015 claimed 64 lives and left other 147 injured. 27 patients died on the spot in the fire, 25 in hospitals in Romania and other 12 lost their lives in hospitals abroad.

The last injured younster who lost his life was 21-year-old Radu Sienerth from Petroșani. He died a week ago at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest.

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