Four Romanians invented the organic thick rosy sausage, taking the carcinogenic additive out of it

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Four professors from the Galati University have invented the organic thick rosy sausage (made of boiled minced meat) and won the golden medal and the jury’s special prize at the International Innovation Salon in Cluj-Napoca.

Their organic invention is perfectly imitating the taste of the thick rosy sausage, without containing yet the dangerous additives for our health. More precisely, they replace the nitrite with boxthorn grist.

The professors from the Food Engineering Faculty have worked for a year in the faculty’s lab and, following numerous tests, they managed to create a completely organic sausage, without preservatives and colouring agents.

According to the faculty dean, Petre Alexe, the team has cut one of the most dangerous additives, the nitrite, that was proved to be carcinogenic. He said researchers have been trying to find a solution to get rid of the nitrite for 40 years.

After first lab tests, researchers from Galati have found out that the boxthorn grist, resulted after extracting the oil from the fruit, is rich in fibers and proteins.

The new thick rosy sausage has a period of validity of 28 days and can be made in every food-processing unit.

The product is in the process of certification and will be presented to the producers at the end of April, in Brasov.

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