Free telemedicine hotline in Ukrainian, available 24/7 for refugees


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A free hotline for refugees in Ukraine, through which they will have access to medical consultations directly by phone, in Ukrainian, for both general medicine and pediatric services, was opened by the Zi de BINE NGO in partnership with Telios Care , a company that provides medical telemedicine services.

National telephone number 0040 373787805 is free and available 24/7.

We can’t imagine what is in the souls of people who are fleeing to save their lives and who are forced to leave behind their fathers, brothers, wives and other family members. But we can understand that now is the time, again, to help. This time through a personalized telemedicine service, which will provide them with the medical information they need, in the language they speak “, said Melania Medeleanu and Luciana Zaharia, the founders of the Zi de BINE Association.

The most precious experiences of life come from the dedication of others. If we can make life a little easier and quieter for all those affected by these times, the rewards will never end. We are grateful for the wonderful team we have at Telios Care and of the Good Morning team, who are not hindered by anything and give wholeheartedly “, added Philip Choban, co-founder and CEO of Telios Care.

The Zi de BINE Associaton is setting up playgrounds for children and recreation spaces for mothers in one of the transit centers in Iasi, while in Bucharest, on April 1, it will open the doors of the Zi de BINE Community Center, dedicated to the Ukrainian community.

If you want to financially support this project, you can do it through the fundraiser opened by the Good Day Association on Facebook or by directing 20% ​​of the income / profit tax to the Association. The contract can be downloaded from the website

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