Free Wi-Fi in Gara de Nord as of today


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CFR SA is granting as of today (Monday) free Wi-Fi access in Gara de Nord (Northern Railway Station), a high-quality public service that will allow passengers and visitors to surf the Internet, the railway company has announced on Facebook.

The Internet connection is based on authentication to the wireless network “CFR Infrastructura” (name and e-mail address) or by login based on the Facebook account and after accepting the terms and conditions of use of the wireless network.

Once authenticated, the portal redirects the user to the company’s website,, where public interest information on rail transport can be seen, or new websites can be opened.

The new free wireless internet access service covers both the ticket offices area and the waiting rooms for Class I and II as well as the central platforms, moving from one area to another is done automatically without the need for a new login.

The new wireless system in Gara de Nord is free and provides simultaneous access to the Internet for up to 1,000 authenticated users.

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