Freezing alert issued for the upcoming days

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The National Meteorology Administration has issued an alert for freezing cold countrywide for the upcoming five days.

During January 16, 02:00hrs-January 20, 10:00hrs the weather will be extremely cold, with frost in store overnight and in the morning. The freezing cold will start from the northwestern, northeastern and central regions and will gradually seize the entire country.

The minimum temperatures will climb down to minus 10C, ranging from minus 18C to minus 8C, with the lowest levels in intermountain depressions, particularly in eastern Transylvania, where there will be even minus 20C.

The maximum temperatures during the day will be also negative, ranging from minus 10C to 0C, favorable to ice formation.


The weather will be very cold also in Bucharest, during January 16, 02:00hrs-January 20, 10:00hrs, especially during the night and in the morning.

Minimum temperatures will range from minus 12C to minus 8C, lowers in the suburbs, minus 14C, while the maximum temperatures will range from minus 4C to minus 2C. There will be conditions for ice.

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