Freight train gets off the rails in Hunedoara, two engine drivers die


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A freight train owned by a private operator got off rails on a viaduct near Petrosani, Hunedoara County on Saturday afternoon. The 16-carriage train headed for Petrosani-Subcetate, and while approaching the viaduct 14 carriages and the engine left the track after running out of brakes; six carriages and the engine landed in the ravine, the spokesman of the Hunedoara Police County Inspectorate Bogdan Nitu stated.

The two engine drivers, aged 51 and 67, respectively, were killed. Rail traffic near Petrosani was redirected on a bypassing route. Initial investigations reveal the accident has been caused by the failure of the braking system as the cause, as the two engine drivers had announced through the radio station it had malfunctioned and requested the tracks ahead to be cleared, as they attempted to slow down the train.

Several trains were blocked in Petrosani as the railway line on this route is completely compromised.

The Railway Investigation Agency will also probe into the accident, CFR SA announced, adding that “it was taking action with pantograph railcars to restore the overhead line, and that after investigation allows it, two crane trains will be deployed on the scene from Craiova and Simeria to remove the derailed carriages.

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