French frigate ‘La Fayette’ arrives in Constanta Port

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The French frigate ‘La Fayette’ is to arrive on Friday in Constanta Port, on a visit in the area.

The frigate will remain in Constanta Port until March 27, when it will take part in an exercise to improve the cooperation with the Romanian Navy.

During the weekend official meetings with the Commander of the Fleet for Sports Activities at the Naval Academy ‘Mircea cel Batran’ and also visits by the crew to the Romanian Navy Museum are scheduled.

As of Monday, the French frigate ‘La Fayette’ will participate together with the Romanian Naval Forces to a combat exercise against air and surface threats.

The drills are scheduled to be held at sea together with the Covet ‘Contraamiral Horia Macelariu’ and the maritime dragon ‘Lieutenant Lupu Dinescu’ in order to strengthen the skills to implement standard NATO operating procedures in the context of scenarios on ensuring freedom of navigation and of the maritime traffic.

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