Fresh disclosures: Hospital executives take 30 pc of the contracts with Hexi. Part of the money goes to the party that protects them

0 84, the blog of journalist Catalin Tolontan, has posted on Thursday the testimony of a physician, chief of microbiology with a major emergency hospital in Bucharest, according to whom “the hospital directors cash in 30% of the contracts concluded with Hexi. Part of the money goes to the party which protects them!”

“Theoretically, the auction committee was independent. Basically, it was about money. Almost all companies supplying biocides offered money. To be clear! But Hexi had its particular face. Everybody knew that their products were qualitatively poor. Hence they offered more money as compared to others. When I reached the hospital I found about this. It was a generally known fact,” the doctor has told, under a new investigation signed by Mirela Neag, Razvan Lutac and Catalin Tolontan.

The doctor conditioned his testimony on “do not reveal my name now”: “I want to tell you how the auctions for disinfectants were faked. I’ve been expecting this moment for five years! I had given up hope, I did not believe that this moment would come.”

“Perhaps we should start the discussion from here. From that attack against national security that began with the destruction of the Cantacuzino Institute. Initially Hexi Pharma submitted approvals on analyzes conducted by the Cantacuzino Institute. Then they migrated to Unilab. I know very well, I know things in detail! I have not forgotten anything about the past 20 years. Ten years I worked with Cantacuzino and ten years with the hospital about which I will tell you how the auctions were faked,” the doctor said.

The doctor also accused that the general manager of Hexi Pharma Flori Dinu tried to bribe the hospital in order to accept the Hexi Pharma products.

In retort, Flori Dinu told journalists that she had never bribed anyone and that all making these accusations should file a denunciation at the Prosecutor’s Office to probe these statements.

“During my 16-year-old activity at Hexi Pharma I have never given any bribe to any doctor. This situation is either made up or calumny,” Flori Dinu said.

Dan Condrea’s former wife also accused Dinu on Thursday that she would have known about the Hexi Pharma’s being under the protection of the Chamber’s Health Committee. “I urge her (ex-wife) to go to the Prosecutor’s Office and file a denunciation and I am asking her to give thorough details how it all happened. I really want to find the truth, for I have never made such things,” the Hexi Pharma’s general manager also stated.

The Prime Minister’s Control Body is conducting controls these days in four hospitals in Bucharest: Municipal, Floreasca Hospital for Burns and Sf. Ioan. The raid is ongoing. It has reached the level of face to face interviews with the physicians. Hospitals sources say there are written statements, including from the managers, saying that “it was known that the Hexi products had poor quality”.

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