Fresh protests on Sunday, in Bucharest: ‘Down with Dragnea’s 3.0 servant-Government!’

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A new anti-government protest will take place on Sunday, February 4, in Victoriei Square, Bucharest, as of 18.00h.

The organisers write on the event’s Facebook page that “if we don’t take a stand against this Government, we’ll find, in the coming days, in the situation that they will issue a GEO on the laws of justice and the criminal codes, as Dragnea’s PSD has proved it is capable of anything.”

“The new Dancila Government is a servant-government for Dragnea, with many incompetent, unlettered ministers and we need to remove it as soon as possible, so that Romania avoids the collapse,” the organisers write.

The organisers add that it is not enough that millions of Romanians “comment and complain about the Government’s professionalism, if we don’t take a stand and go to the streets.”

“We, the protesters, will not give up and we’ll go to the streets to protest against this servant Government. If we don’t go to the streets, the PSD-ALDE leadership will believe that Romanians are satisfied with this Government,” the organisers also say.


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