Freshman of Sibiu Engineering Faculty invented ‘the smart house’

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A student of the Engineering Faculty of Sibiu invented a “smart house” that welcomes people home, sings them “Happy birthday!”, secures the property and regulates the heating to reduce the gas consumption down to a studio level for a 200 square meters area. The project took two years and expenses reached to EUR 25,000 on components only.

Iosif Bancioiu’s first client was precisely his uncle, who is thus the proud owner of such location.

The young inventor explained the concept as an automation module using a programmable logic controller (PLC). It opens doors using motion sensors, card readers and intercoms. Input/output modules allow connecting various sensors; software changes help monitoring several parameters, and PLC controls the circuits.

“Welcome! You are home alone”, a female voice greets in English when someone passes the motion sensor. The automation module is connected to a discrete panel in the living room; homeowners can use a touchscreen to open or close the window shades. The house remembers to wake you up in the morning and take your children to school, while the lighting system calculates the necessary illumination based on the natural light levels.

Security includes warning the owner by SMS in case of trespassing without an access card; it is sensitive enough to distinguish a human presence from a cat or a dog. Access is allowed using a key or a card.

The solar panels, fireplace, gas-burning boiler and central heating are interconnected, which enable heating savings.

Iosif Banicioiu is the winner of the gold medal of the national phase of the Informatrix 2015 contest of informatics projects. He will actually take his project in the international phase of Informatrix 2015 in Bucharest, due on May 14-18, against contenders from Asia, Africa, Southern America and Europe, Agerpres reports.

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