Friday, the blackest day on the roads in Romania, with most accidents occurring


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According to the data presented by the Romanian Police in the Road Safety Bulletin 2021, Friday is the blackest day on the roads in our country, when the most serious road accidents occur.

Thus, last year, over 770 serious accidents occurred on Fridays, while 717 occurred on Sundays. On the rest of the days of the week, the trend is downward: 699 on Monday, 681 on Tuesday and 680 on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Romania still ranks first in the EU in terms of the number of deaths caused annually by road accidents. At the local level, in 2021, 93 such deaths were recorded per one million inhabitants, double the European average.

On average, on public roads in Romania, in each month of 2021, there were 410 serious road accidents, in which 148 people lost their lives and 316 were seriously injured. The months with the most serious road accidents are traditional holidays (July, August). The monthly dynamics of serious accidents reflects the decrease in their number in the first part of the year, while, starting from May, there is an increase in their number, until August – as a result of the increase in mobility in the context of warming weather, followed by a decline until November.

The main causes that contribute to the occurrence of serious road accidents are the failure to adapt the speed to the road conditions and the irregular crossing by pedestrians. Most serious road accidents occur in rural areas.

On the other hand, in the European Union, road safety has improved considerably in recent decades, with the rate of deaths caused by road accidents decreasing in the last 10 years. If we refer to the world context, the European Union has among the safest roads in the world, with 44 deaths per million inhabitants. In addition, Romania is among the countries with the oldest car fleets, with an average age of 16.4 years in 2021, compared to the European average of 11.5 years. And the obsolescence of the car park is accentuated from one year to the next.

In addition to the profound human suffering caused by these unfortunate events, all these accidents are also reflected economically in the compensations paid to the victims by the RCA insurers, both for material and moral losses suffered. Moreover, the frequency of RCA claims in Romania remains one of the highest at the European level. The insurance industry in Romania paid out around EUR 2 million in compensation every calendar day last year for RCA claims alone, almost double compared to 2016.

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