Frosty weather in Bucharest until Sunday


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The weather will be extremely cold in Bucharest this weekend, with temperatures going down below 12C. Mild wind will be blowing and there will be conditions for fog and hoarfrost, according to an updated special weather forecast for Bucharest during November 29-December 2.

The temperatures will climb down to minus 6C-minus 7C especially at the outskirts starting Thursday evening.

Mild wind will be blowing with gusts of wind reaching 30-35kmph.

Snowfall will be less probable though.

As of Friday until Sunday, the weather will be extremely cold, frosty at night. The wind will lose intensity. Temperatures will range from minus 7C to minus 2C during the day and will climb down to minus 10C-minus 12C during the night, when there will be also conditions for fog and hoarfrost. Snow flurries are also expected.

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