Fugitive killer of Timis policeman – arrested, undergoes surgery

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Fugitive Marcel Ionel Lepa, the man who shot a police officer in Timis County, was arrested Tuesday morning by the law enforcement officials. Lepa was transported to the Timişoara Municipal Hospital by ambulance and the doctors decided to operate him, due to the injuries suffered during the attempted remand operation on Sunday. According to the doctors, the bullet that hit him in the chest did not come out, digi24.ro reports.

The fugitive had three wounds from bullets – in the left chest, left shoulder, and left elbow.

Ionel Marcel Lepa was caught on the night of Monday to Tuesday at around 4.45h in the house of a friend’s grandmother in Remetea Mare, Timis County.

Lepa was arrested by a team of the Special Operations Bureau, along with a team from SIAS, 7 km from the crime scene.

The house had been checked by investigators on Monday and they found suspicious blood samples.

At the time of capture the man did not resist, being taken by surprise.

On Monday, the investigators checked several false tracks, and before midnight they also checked whether gunfire took place near Timisoara.

Lepa had a gun, several bullets, two keys, a memory stick, a micro-SD, and a pill wrap.

A criminal case is being drawn up for murder.

Ionel Marcel Lepa shot dead on Sunday 43-year-old policeman Cristian Amariei while trying to arrest him. The murdered policeman has been with the Police for two decades, was married and had two children.

The man was under international warrant for robbery.

Photo: TV capture Pro TV private broadcaster

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