Further heatwave and storms expected across the country

Meteorologists have issued new code orange warnings, temperatures are approaching record highs.


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Meteorologists have issued several code orange and yellow heatwave warnings for Monday and Tuesday and rain and storms for Monday. Temperatures will reach 38 degrees Celsius in some areas.

A yellow code of heat and high thermal discomfort will be in force on Monday and Tuesday. During the mentioned interval, the heat wave will be maintained in all regions, and the thermal discomfort will be high in the plain and plateau areas, where the temperature-humidity index (ITU) will exceed the critical threshold of 80 units. In general, the maximum temperatures will range from 33C to 36C, and the minimum between 17 and 20 degrees.

Meteorologists also issued an orange code of intense heat and severe thermal discomfort in the lowlands in the west and northwest of the country. Here, the temperatures (day and night) will approach the absolute records of the period. In the afternoon, values ​​of 36 … 38 degrees will be frequently recorded, and at night they will not generally fall below 18 … 22 degrees and therefore the thermal discomfort will be accentuated.

At the same time, on Monday, until 9 pm, a yellow and an orange code of showers will be in force, with torrential rains, thunderstorms, wind gusts and isolated hail expected.


The yellow code refers to the mountain areas, in the west and north of Muntenia, in Transylvania and the south of Banat, where there will be torrential showers, thunderstorms, intense wind gusts, storms and isolated hail. The falls will exceed locally 25 … 35 l / sqm.

In Oltenia, northwestern Muntenia and locally in the Southern Carpathians will be orange code of torrential downpours and on areas restricted by storms (gusts of over 65 … 75 km / h). In short time intervals or by accumulation the quantities of water will exceed locally 35 … 40 and isolated 50 … 60 l / sqm.

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