Garbage crisis in District 1. Bucharest Prefect’s Office Okays the state of alert

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The Bucharest Prefect’s Office decided on Friday morning to declare a state of alert in District 1, in order to solve the garbage crisis, Bucharest prefect Alin Stoica announced on Friday. Thus, the waste will be able to be collected as an emergency matter.

The state of alert can be imposed for 30 days.

The decision comes after the mayor of Sector 1, Clotilde Armand, asked again the Capital Prefecture to declare a state of alert in the sector for 30 days, due to the sanitary situation caused by the uncollected of garbage. Romprest Service SA. is the sanitation company that has the contract with the District 1 city hall.

According to the document sent by the Local Emergency Committee, there would be 2,700 tons of uncollected garbage in District 1. The street garbage includes from food scraps to rubble, used tires and tree branches. People throw them on the street corners, and the sanitation company, in conflict with the mayor’s office, has not picked the garbage up since the beginning of June.

Bucharest prefect Alin Stoica told Digi24 that “punctual measures can be taken to solve the threat of waste piles” within the state of alert.

“If the local authority does not have the capacity and the service provider does not fulfill its responsibilities, another entity can be brought, maybe another sanitation company, to solve the problem, ie to take the waste and transport it to the appropriate places. But that doesn’t solve the problem between the authority and the sanitation company, the contractual problem. This can only be resolved in court or amicably “, the prefect said.

Stoica also pointed out that this situation was prompted by the “inability” of the two parties, the local authority and the sanitation company, to solve this dispute, which “also overlaps with the indiscipline of some citizens”.

“Theoretically, the citizen who renovates his apartment has to pay separately for the collection of waste. Some do not and throw garbage on the street. This waste must be managed by the local public authority together with the sanitation company, but this generates additional costs for the local authority. Here is the second blockade, the dispute between the two parties”, said Stoica.

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