Gendarme to philosopher Mihai Sora during protests: „Scoot over, old man!” Second lieutenant asks to exit the Gendarmerie

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Philosopher Mihai Sora, aged 101, famous for attending numerous street protests in the past year, recounted the incidents involving him and the gen dares during the Wednesday’s manifestation in Victoriei Square, Bucharest. He recounted that the gendarmes had treated him rudely during the rally last night, accusing that the Romanian Gendarmerie is currently something else as it should be.

If a gendarme tells me <Scoot over, old man!>, I won’t mind: I can understand that the Romanian Gendarmerie wants to „clean square meter by square meter in Victoriei Square; it’s not the most fortunate form of address, but let it be! (I’ve heard so many, in a lifetime). But when 10-15 muscular boys (muscular, well fed and well equipped) are crushing me in my little square area is now something else than it should be. Hard times are ahead of us, my dear friends. One thing I’ve learnt last evening: the more we are, the more aggressive they become. They are afraid of us,” Mihai Sora posted on Facebook.

Second lieutenant asks for being relocated from the Gendarmerie over protests’ „abuses”

Bogdan Erdeli, a second lieutenant in reserve within the Gendarmerie, has asked authorities on Thursday to be relocated to another department of the Ministry of Defence, arguing his move comes following all the abuses committed by gendarmes during Wednesday protest in Victoriei Square. He also argues that „the Gendarmerie has become a security commercial enterprise for Dragnea”.

According to G4media, Erdeli says he is proud to help and wants to be further called to duty in any circumstance, but he doesn’t want to be „coordinated by people who have no character and military honour”.

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