Gendarmes intervention needed following people’s crowding in Obor market in Bucharest. Police’s message on Palm Sunday

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Hundreds of people have defied restrictions and social distancing rules today in Bucharest and crowded for shopping in Obor Market, the Capital’s most known and the largest food market in the city.

Gendarmes have been deployed on scene to limit the access of people in the market, in order to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

Two days before the Palm Spring, Romanians have queued to do the shopping for Easter, celebrated by Orthodox believers in Romania on April 19.

Footage with people crowding in Obor Market, including elderly has been on TV on Friday, revealing that many of shoppers and also merchandisers had not taken any protection measures, wearing no gloves or facemasks. People were neither observing the social distancing rules.

Gendarmes came on the spot later and restricted the access to the entry gates inside the market. The police force checked if people had the statements with the reasons to leave the house.

Police sends message to citizens on Palm Sunday: Stay home, cemeteries and churches are closed

To prevent crowding spaces on the upcoming Palm Sunday, celebrated this Sunday, the Police has sent a warning message to people, announcing that churches and cemeteries are closed down, so people will need to pray and celebrate this religious holiday at home.

Moreover, the Police has underlined that, even if the weather is fine, access in parks and forests is still forbidden, while police cars will patrol in these areas.

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