Genuine Romania: from 100 “Călușari” dancers to the daughters of Ion, who inspired Liviu Rebreanu’s novel

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Last year, on December 8th, the “Genuine Romania” (Romania Veritabila) project was launched, as a TV show dedicated to excellence, genius, value and tradition.

During each of the 4 episodes, producer and presenter Cristina Șoloc had a guide, who revealed which people give represent the values of a genuine Romania, and also revealed the places that exude the energy that inspires geniality. The success of the first season of the program validated the production of a second season, which will start on December 24th at 5 PM and will continue on December 25th, 26th and 27th, at the same hour, on TVR1.

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Cristina Șoloc followed the trails of the great legends and retraced the steps of Avram Iancu, Iancu Jianu and Liviu Rebreanu, literally touching important pieces of ancient Romanian history, talking to living human treasures, visited the places and houses where great Romanian authors found their inspiration, interviewing professors, lawyers, poets, actors, artists, ethnologists and music composers. She also visited people who are great pillars of their communities, farmers, sheepherders and popular artists.
The road took the TV crew from West to North and from North to South, researching and filming in no less than 13 locations: Valea Pai, Eftimie Murgu (Caraș-Severin), Feldru, Dumitra, Prislop (Bistrița-Năsăud), Mărtinești (Cluj), Câmpeni (Apuseni), Caracal, Vădastra, Slatina, Osica, (Olt), Galicea Mare (Dolj) și Orlat (Sibiu).

The guides for the second season of “Genuine Romania” were Dumitru Constantin Dulcan a famous neurologist and author of the book The Intelligence of Matter, the great actor Dorel Vișan, the famous journalist Marius Tucã, Iliuță Brăileanu the artist from Oltenia county that made the Romanian „Cãluș” dance famous around the world, the well-known ethnologist and reporter known as “Iosif from the countryside” and the family Radu and Nicoleta Trifan from Banat, who are always doing good deeds for their countrymen.

In premiere, the “Genuine Romania” TV crew found and visited the daughters of Ion, known as “al Glanetașului” from Bistrița-Năsăud, the man who inspired Liviu Rebreanu to write his famous novel “Ion”. The character Ion from the novel had the same name as in real life, while the character Ana was actually called Rodovica in reality. The action and the characters in the book are inspired by real people and real facts from the village of Prislop, where the author lived in his early years. Since then, the small village was incorporated as a district in the town of Nãsãud and given the name of the writer Liviu Rebreanu. Although many of the people who inspired Rebreanu died decades ago, their descendants still remember them as the ones who were the real-life Ana, Ion and the priest Ioan Belciug. Two daughters of the six children of Ion and Ana – Ion and Rodovica Boldijer in real life – are still living: Saveta, 95 years old and Xenia, 85 years old.

“On the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of December I invite you to watch on TVR1 four special episodes dedicated to those Romanians who inspire us, motivate us and carry on the traditions of our nation: the daughters of Ion al Glanetașului, the „tulnic”-maker Mariana Gligor, the potter Ioan Cococi, Nichita Dragomira the „sheriff” of the 100 „Cãlușari” dancers from Oltenia, the philanthropist Marian Doldurea, the historian Emanoil Barbu, the winemaker Josefin Florea,prince Nicolae, the conductor Stelian Stoica and his “Junii Jidveiului” orchestra, the sheepherder Ion Danci and the peasant actresses Flori Dumitrene”, stated the producer and presenter Cristina Șoloc.

The TV crew of „Genuine Romania”: General Producer/Presenter Cristina Șoloc, Producer Daniela Andronie
Director of photography: Cristian Stoica; local videographers: Cosmin Tomoiagă, Alin Bărbuia, Gabriel Szilady și George Găină

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