German Bureau of Statistics: The number of Romanians in Germany up by 32.9 pc in 2014

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Germany witnessed in 2014 a record number of foreigners living in the country – 8.2 million and the number of Romanians increased as against 2013 by 32.9%, announced on Monday the Federal Bureau of Statistics, ‘Stern’ informs.

Some 8.2 million foreigners were living in Germany last year, the highest number since the introduction of the Central Register of Foreigners in 1967, announced on Monday the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden.

As compared to 2013, the number of foreigners increased by about 520,000, i.e. by 6.8%. Almost 60% of newcomers came from EU Member States, the largest increase among Europeans being the number of Romanians by 32.9% compared to the previous year, while the number of Bulgarians increased by 24.8% .

The largest community is that of the Turks – 1.53 million, down by 1.5% as compared to 2013, mainly due to the fact that some have obtained German citizenship. On the second position are the Poles – about 674,000, followed by Italians – 575,000, Romanians – 355,000 and Greeks – 329,000.

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