Germanwings plane crash: Romanian footballer says his team should have been aboard. Alps recovery operation resumes


Alin Stefan Vigariu, Romanian midfielder playing with the Swedish team Dalkurd FF, said on Wednesday that he should have been together with his teammates aboard the Germanwings plane that crashed in south-eastern France, informs.

“We left 45 minutes after the plane that was to crash. I’m fine. We were divided in three groups out of the four planes that left Barcelona in a very short span of time. The waiting time in Dusseldorf until our connection was available was too long, so we were divided into three groups. I and 6-7 of my colleagues went with the Zurich flight. I talked to my family, they were all worried because they knew I was to take off from Barcelona. We learned about the disaster in Zurich, we knew nothing about the group that flew to Munich, we were worried,” said Stefan Vigariu for a sports television.

The Swedish team Dalkurd FF, playing in the third league, should have to been aboard the Germanwings plane which crashed in south-eastern France, but the team’s management decided to change plans at the last moment.

Dalkurd FF was to return to Sweden after a training stage in Catalonia. As the team arrived at the airport in Barcelona the players and coaches gave up this route, because the distance from Dusseldorf to Sweden was too long. The players have bought the last available tickets for three different flights that would take them to Zurich and Munich.


Foreign Ministry confirms no Romanians onboard


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) announced on Wednesday morning that until now no Romanian was on board the Germanwings flight that crashed in France.

“In this context, have been initiated and have ongoing extensive and complex checks in terms of establishing with certainty the identity and nationality of each person on board. Up to this point, we have not identified Romanian citizens aboard the aircraft,” the MAE representatives said.


Alps recovery operation resumes


A search and recovery operation has resumed in the southern French Alps after Tuesday’s crash of a Germanwings plane with 150 people on board, the BBC informs.

One of the “black box” recorders – recovered from a remote mountain ravine between Digne and Barcelonnette – has been damaged, officials said.

The leaders of Germany, France and Spain were due to visit the crash site.

The Airbus A320 – flight 4U 9525 – from Barcelona to Duesseldorf crashed after an eight-minute rapid descent. There were no survivors.

Germanwings chief Thomas Winkelmann said 72 of the 144 passengers were German citizens and 35 were Spanish, although the list was being constantly updated. The German victims included 16 pupils returning from an exchange trip.

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed that three Britons were on board. Other victims were from Australia, Argentina, Iran, Venezuela, the US, the Netherlands, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Denmark and Israel.

The plane’s cockpit voice recorder – recovered by a helicopter team on Tuesday – was damaged but could still provide information, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

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