Gigi Becali might return to prison

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The Federation of the National Penitentiary Trade Unions has asked on Monday for the revocation of Gigi Becali’s release on parole after the financier of FCSB football club had threatened the director of Jilava Penitentiary in a TV show for not approving a leave for his cousin, Victor Becali, who is still imprisoned.

We have asked for firm actions against the threats that former convict Gheorghe Becali, under surveillance after the release on parole, has adressed to the director of Jilava Penitentiary.

Ex-convict Gheorghe Becali has explicitly stated in a TV show on August 19 that he had addressed threatening messages to the director of Jilava Penitentiary on the ground that he hadn’t approved a new leave for his cousin, Victor Becali, who is still behind bars.

We consider the court must be notified and asked for the revocation of his release on parole. The criminal prosecution bodies must be also notified for offense, as Gheorghe Becali is known for ordering mob justice actions (sequestration),” reads a press release.

In retort, the FCSM owner said he wont’comment “nonsense”, explaining that his deadline for release on parole is over.


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