GM of the Cluj Airport, indicted for bribe taking

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The general manager of the “Avram Iancu” International Airport in Cluj-Napoca, David Ioan Ciceo, was indicted for bribe taking by the anti-corruption prosecutors.

Ciceo is accused that he had received a building from a businessman in order to allow him to continue works on the airport without legal public procurement. Businessman Ioan Bene is also indicted for bribery. They are both investigated at large.

The case is related to an investment project to develop the strip of the Cluj airport. As the investment involved a significant financial effort, the investment project was divided into three different stages.

On September 6, 2011 following public procurement procedures, a contract of repairing works have been sealed with Bene’s company for the first stage and the businessman was interested to also continue with the works in the second stage of the project, namely to build the parking platform for the Apron 4 aircrafts, a work that has been concluded in March 2014.

The contract for the second stage was yet assigned without any legal grounds, by ignoring the competition rules.

For that, during October 2012, defendant David Ciceo received from defendant Ioan Bene an entire building for himself in Cluj-Napoca, allegedly purchased by the manager’s parents for RON 690,000 and which was later revamped with rehabilitation works mounting to another RON 563,226. Bene’s company has made the rehabilitation works and the costs have been covered  by his company.

In exchange for these benefits, the airport manager David Ciceo illegally redirected public money to the businessman Bene to pay the works for the parking platform of the airport.

The building that was the bribe in this case was seized by the prosecutors.

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