GoldenEye, a new ransomware attack hitting Romania


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Several Romanian companies and institutions are already affected by GoldenEye, a new massive ransomware attack. The cyber attack has also massively hit companies and ministries from Ukraine and Russia.

Companies and institutions from Romania and other countries in the region were hit by GoldenEye, a new ransomware attack which is encrypting the users’ data and then asking for ransom.

The new GoldenEye version has already made victims in several countries in the world, among which Romania, Ukraine and Russia. Unlike the other ransomware versions, which block the users’ data from infected computers and then ask for the ransom to give them access again, the new GoldenEye version doesn’t allow victims to use the infected device, and after encrypting data, the virus is forcing the computer to turn off and keep it off until the users pay the USD 300 ransom,” Bitdefender experts say in a press release.

All Bitdefender clients who have an up-to-date security solution are protected against GoldenEye.

The experts recommend users to make copies of the strategic important data to avoid their loss and to urgently update the operating system to the latest version, while avoiding using out of date softwares.

Several Ukrainian banks and companies, as well as the country’s main airport and the Gov’t IT system have been hit by this massive cyber attack on Tuesday, described by an official as being the largest one in the country’s history.

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