“Good Citizen” awarded-winning Romanian is running for local councilman in Ireland


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A Romanian is running as independent for a local councilman seat in Dublin, Ireland. 36-year-old Marius Marosan from Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures county, northern Romania, who emigrated to Ireland in 2008, is decided to make a change for the Romanians and for the local community in Dublin and is running for a seat in the Local Council. He is the first and the only one Romanian racing in the local elections in Ireland so far.

The local elections in Ireland are due at the end of this month, at the same time with the European elections.

Marius Maroşan, running as an independent, was a financial consultant in Cluj-Napoca for an insurance company until 2008 when he went on holiday to Ireland. He liked it so much in Dublin, so that he remained there. Now he has a family there and has three children.

Due to its involvement in the community’s life, the mayor of Dublin and the Local Council awarded him the title of “Good Citizen” in 2016, alongside with other nine people. He was the only person who was not Irish.

He is also the chairman of the “Romanians in Ireland” Organization and has filed his candidature on behalf of two districts in Dublin that have the highest share of Romanian residents. According to him, it is quite easy to run for a seat in the local council in Ireland, all you have to do is to have a clean criminal record, to raise 15 signatures and to pay a EUR 100 registration fee.

To raise the funds needed for the electoral campaign, the Romanian put up for auction various items from his house- tricolor scarves, books or volumes promoting Maramures region.

His slogan for the campaign is “Your Voice in the Local Council”.

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