Google’s gift for the Romanians on the Centennial


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Google has launched new Street View images and Google Earth galleries to mark Romania’s 100th anniversary, reads a company’s press release.

Therefore, the National Museum of Union in Alba Iulia and its collections are open to virtual visitors through the Street View images inside of it. At the same time, the National Redemption Cathedral in Alba Iulia will be also available on the Internet on Google Maps.

National Union Museum in Alba Iulia has been inaugurated under the name of the Union Museum on May 20, 1929, hosting ones of the most important items related to the Revolution of 1848 and the Great Union in 1918. The exhibits are still preserved in the museum.

Read more details about the museum here.

As for the National Redemption Cathedral in Alba Iulia, it represents a symbol of the national unity where King Ferdinand and his wife, Queen Mary were crowned as sovereigns of the Great Romania on October 15, 1922.

Also on the occasion of the Romanian Centennial, Google has released a Google Earth collection dedicated to our country, to its beauties and benchmark moments that marked its history. Within the collection three galleries are available: one featuring the natural beauties of the country (Danube Delta, Bigar Waterfall or the Mud Volcanoes), the second gallery is hosting the man-made monuments (Bran and Peles Castles, or the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta), while the third one is paying tribute to some important moments in the Romanians’ history (the Union Hall in Alba Iulia’s Union Museum, Victoriei Square in Timisoara or Sarmizegetusa Dacian fortress).

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