Gov’t launches website of official news on Coronavirus


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The first website with official news about Coronavirus has been launched in Romania today:,a partnership between Romania’s Government through the Authority for Romania’s Digitalisation, the Department for Emergency Situations and Code for Romania Task Force.

The online platform is centralising only information from safe and reliable sources, such as the official press releases issued by the Group of Strategic Communication (established by the Government), resolutions of the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations, as well as transcripts of the press conferences delivered by the officials in the management of crisis situations.

At the same time, to support the Health Ministry’s recommendations on a responsible social conduct in preventing COVID-19 spread, the Authority for Romania’s Digitalisation and the Code for Romania team have other projects in progress: Date la Zi – anonymous data on cronavirus cases, Stăm Acasă – centralisation and monitoring of people in self-isolation, Diaspora Hub – support communication, centralisation and monitoring, Ce Mă Fac – surveys that can help the population to understand the situation and RO Help –coherent and safe collecting of aid.

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