Gov’t Oks 25 pc salary rises for medical staff

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The Government on Wednesday passed the emergency ordinance that increases the health staff salaries by 25 percent. PM Victor Ponta said at the beginning of the Gov’t sitting that the rise will apply to the entire staff working in the public health system, while asking Labor minister to find a solution also for the social workers.

“We have the ordinance that stipulates the 25 pc salary rise for the health staff as of October 1. We are talking about the current salaries, a 25 pc rise for the current salaries, not other calculations,“ Ponta said. He argued the salary rises should come along with the system reform, with the health card being part of this reform.

The premier also pledged to correlate the salaries of the education and health staff from now on. “Education and Health are two fields of national importance and interest, but they should go together,” he said, thus hinting that teachers will somehow see their wages up, as they are asking.

Last week, the prime minister reported that 181,000 persons in the local and central health system and 12,380 persons coming from the health networks of the Interior, Defence ministries and from the National Intelligence Service will benefit of this 25 pc rise.

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