Gov’t pays RON 36 M for after-storm repairing works

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The Government is allotting RON 36 million to remove the effects of the storms in western country. The money is a first tranche out of the intervention fund to remove the effects of the calamities that have lately messed the western country. The money will go to repairing works in 16 hospitals, 23 clinics, 251 school units, police precincts, churches and other public units from ten counties.

Deputy PM Sevil Shhaideh said during the Gov’t sitting on Thursday that the sum represents a first stage, intended to solve urgent matters and that other public objectives will receive funds in the upcoming weeks.

Great part of the money will be directed to the local authorities in 10 counties, meaning RON 29,816,000 to pay urgent expenses for repairing works in kindergartens, schools, museums, hospitals and other buildings belonging to the local administrations.

The sum will be divided as such: Maramures- RON 9.468 M; Bihor RON 8.728 M; Arad – RON 4.946 M; Timiş –RON 2.24 M; Sălaj – RON 1.634 M; Cluj – RON 1.384 M; Bistriţa-Năsăud – RON 1.055 M; Hunedoara – RON 218,000; Caraş-Severin – RON 137,000; Alba – RON 6,000.

An extra sum of RON 1,585 million is allotted to the Interior Ministry, RON 170,000 to the Health Ministry and the budget of the Government’s Secretariat General was supplemented by RON 4,458 M also to remove the effects of the storms. The money allotted to the Interior Ministry will be used to rehabilitate some police precincts, HQ of county police inspectorates, gendarmerie, fire brigades,  which have been damages by the storm.

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