Gov’t report on Colectiv: 18-minute delay in setting off the Red Intervention Plan

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The premier’s Control Body presented the report on the Colectiv tragedy on Tuesday, stating that the radical reform and the emergency assistance system’s improvement are needed so the institutions have reported many deficiencies in case of collective accidents.

The document reads that the red intervention plan has not been switched out immediately, but with a delay of 18 minutes.

Although at least one of the received calls contained elements proving the existence of a very serious situation, the Red Intervention Plan has not been switched out immediately, but only after running through some steps, stipulated in the legislation in force, which can be described as bureaucratic, considering that the same legislation also allows more rapid intervention mechanisms for other emergency situations (air or railway disasters, etc). Therefore, the Red Intervention Plan was initiated at 22:50, 18 minutes from the first calls to 112 and 7 minutes from the moment of information received from the rescue teams which came on the scene,” reads the Governments report.

The Executive also says that the emergency intervention following the fire on October 30, 2015 was mostly an uncoordinated action, with authorities improvising due to the lack of training in case of major emergencies, to the legislation’s disparities and due to the scarce resource background.

The Government states that a radical reform is needed, as well as the improvement of the emergency assistance system in case of collective accidents, disasters, calamities, and of the emergency assistance in hospitals.

However, the report doesn’t mention information related to the victims’ death cause, the PM’s control body arguing that ‘the available medical information was insufficient.’

At the same time the report notes that the first aid was granted to the injured victims in unfitting conditions, straight to the pavement or on wooden pallets, although there had been conditions to set up a mobile hospital. A medical tent would have been installed in 18 minutes. “On October 31, 2015, at midnight, doctor Raed Arafat decided that a PMA 2 advanced medical post is not needed, considering the high number of ambulances arrived on the scene,” reads the report.

A previous report by the Institute of Mining Security and Anti-explosion Protection, released four days ago, pointed to the fact that the construction materials of the nightclub didn’t leave people inside too much time to get out.

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