Gov’t strategy sets new rules for driving schools, drivers

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The cars involved in accidents will no longer be allowed to go on the roads if they don’t carry out a new technical inspection and the driving schools will be able to extend the authorization only if at least 50% of candidates pass the exam, a document adopted on Wednesday by the Executive reads.

The National Road Safety Strategy 2016-2020 provides that cars involved in road accidents will be subject to technical inspection before they can be used again by drivers.

The document aims also the driving schools. The government says they would receive the operating license extension only if at least 50% of the candidates pass the exam and get the driving license.

The strategy also covers the unruly drivers.

“The legal framework will be set up for initiating and financing of comprehensive rehabilitation programmes for drivers with repeated traffic violations, with suspended or cancelled license, on the assumption that these persons should be recovered, especially for professional drivers. These programmes will be voluntary or mandatory and will be based on the fact that repeated violations of traffic laws are not caused by not knowing the rules or by medical unfitness, but rather by the attitude of drivers.”

On the other hand, elderly drivers should conduct medical tests more often.

According to the strategy, Romania needs to “become a safe country in terms of traffic for its citizens, for investors and tourists, for those who transit the country, through the progressive reduction during 2016-2020, of the number of road casualties so we could get included into the common schedule set by the EU Member States.”

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