Gov’t to allot EUR 1.6 bln on 4 corvettes, made and equipped in Romania

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A government resolution stipulating that four corvettes will be made and equipped on a naval building yard in Romania is under public debate on the Defence Ministry’s website as of Friday. The total value of the investment project mounts to about EUR 1.6 billion, VAT included.

According to the draft, the essential security interest of the Romanian state is to build and develop a naval industrial capability on the national territory in the military sector, saying that a first corvette should be made and equipped in the upcoming three years and a group of other four corvettes in the upcoming seven years.

The funds for the four corvettes and for the equipment, ammunition and services needed to endow the corvettes are provided by the annual 2018 budget of the National Defence Ministry.

At the moment, the Romanian naval forces have four corvettes that are technically and operationally out of date, and their revamping is not feasible.

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