Gov’t – trade unions negotiations on the social contributions failed

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The negotiations between trade unions and the Government on the intention of social contributions being transferred from the employer to the employee have failed on Friday. Trade unionists who came to talk to the Executive representatives said that more meetings would be held, as they want to make sure that the transfer would not lead to any salary decrease.

The leader of Cartel Alfa trade union, Bogdan Hossu stated that the Government is not willing to give up the draft bill and that it had even conditioned the decision to the enforcement of the salary Law.

“The Government has come up with no proposal. So, a blackmail has been attempted against the trade unions, saying <if you don’t accept the transfers of the social contributions, we cancel the salary Law>, which is completely abnormal (…) There are inventions they have introduced since April when they realized they exceeded their financial capacity, insisting on a populist image related to this,” Bogdan Hossu said.

Another trade union leader, Dumitru Costin, BNS leader, said that PM Mihai Tudose and Finance minister Ionut Misa had directly told the trade unionists about the social contributions transfer being conditioned to the salary Law.

The Government was represented at the negotiations by PM Mihai Tudose, deputy PM Marcel Ciolacu and ministers of Labour, Finance and Health.

About 100 Sanitas trade unionists protested in front of the Finance Ministry on Friday, discontent over the incomes in the healthcare sector.

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