Greece announces new rules at Kulata customs: Tourists must have a negative COVID-19 test


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All tourists entering Greece by car through Kulata- Promachonas border crossing point as of July 14 must have a RT PCR negative test for COVID-19, done in the past 72 hours, the spokesperson of the Government in Athens announced today.

The measure, decided by the Greek Executive in an extraordinary government sitting, comes in force on July 14, at 06:00hrs.

Certain categories entering Greece are exempted from this rule: the diplomats, doctors or carriers.

Tourists must also fill in an online form, at least 24 hours before entering Greece.

The move comes after the Greek authorities have found out 29 tourists infected with the novel coronavirus at Kulata – Promachonas customs, all coming from Romania and Bulgaria, the local mass media reported.


The Greek Gov’t has thus become concerned with the growing number of COVID-19 infections in the neighbouring Balkan countries, and also of the tourists traveling by car through Bulgaria.

Out of the 31,369 tests processed upon entering Greece during July 106, only 100 tests came out positive, meaning 0.3%,” stated the spokesperson of the Greek Gov’t, Stelios Petsas, quoted by Le Figaro.

The situation is under control, but the main problems come from the land borders with other Balkan countries, where there is an upward trend in the COVID-19 infections and there is a high risk of imported cases,” he added.

Greece has been one of the EU countries with the lowest number of infections, due to a previous strict lockdown. However, the number of cases have increased after travel restrictions had been lifted and the international flights had been resumed.

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