Greenpeace Romania: Green House programme has no beneficiary, EUR 13 M European funds wasted

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The ‘Green House Solar’ Programme carried out by the Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM) has helped not even a single citizen to produce energy by his own out of clean sources, while the speed the Administration is running this project is extremely low, as no solar system has been installed so far, the representatives of Greenpeace Romania announced on Thursday.

The “Green House” programme granting state money to physical and legal persons to set up solar panel was resumed in October 2016 after a five-year break, with people queuing to apply for the financing.

The programme has helped no citizen to become pro-consumer, meaning to produce his own energy from clean sources. Moreover, according to data provided by AFM upon the request of Greenpeace Romania, over EUR 13 million are allotted for this project (and probably, they were partially spent) to some collateral expenses such as developing an IT platform, to advertising and to the salaries of the employees who work on the project”, a Greenpeace release says.

The financing provided by AFM for the “Green House” programme is a generous one, namely RON 20,000 for a photovoltaic system of minimum 3kW for the physical persons interested in producing electricity by their own.

“Over 25,000 citizens countrywide have applied for funds. Unfortunately, the speed AFM is carrying out this project is extremely slow and not even one photovoltaic system has been installed so far“, Greenpeace adds.

Applications for the financing are filed exclusively online.

“Pro-consumers have been waiting for more than a year and a half for these funds. This programme has been consumed by promises, repeated delays and even fraud suspicions. Unfortunately this project has no real progress. We are surprised by the high costs of the programme, we consider they are unjustified, considering the weak results. AFM must explain where it directed the funds and which have been the accomplishments so far,” Greenpeace Romania argues.

The NGO further says that 13 percent of the funds drawn by AFM from the Ministry of Development, meaning over EUR 13 million are used on such expenses as developing the app that manages the online applications, advertising, the external financial audit, as well as the salaries of the project management staff. With these funds, AFM could have financed other 3,000 photovoltaic devices.

The programme’s total funds amount to over EUR 113 million, and almost 27,000 citizens aim to become pro-consumers.

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