Greta Thunberg sends first message to Romania, urging joint action against “illegal logging”

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Renowned activist Greta Thunberg has sent her first message to Romania from Brussels, urging Romanians to stand united against illegal logging and for the protection of environment.

“Hi, my name is Greta Thunberg and I am an climate activist from Sweden and I want to urge you to join the “Fridays for Future” from Romania and support us and stand together against illegal logging and against destruction of our common planet. Because we only have one planet and we have to protect it. We need to protect the ecosystems, the biosphere and nature. So, see you in the streets”, reads a message delivered by Greta Thunberg for Mediafax.

Greta Thunberg has been in Brussels these days where she slammed the European Commission’s plan to reach European climate neutrality by 2050. She said that “the Green Deal” proposed by the EC is rendering the world 50% chances to limit the global warming.

“This climate law is surrender – because nature doesn’t bargain and you cannot make ”deals” with physics. And we will not allow you to surrender on our future,” says Greta in her speech.

Her message regarding the illegal logging in Romania comes one day after the Romanian Environment minister Costel Alexe had announced the start of a legal investigation into what he called “the largest operation of illegal logging” in Romania, namely in Maramures where 100,000 cubic metres of trees “have been razed to the ground”.

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  1. Tim Douglasson says

    Like most people who send ‘messages’ from Brussels, this child has very little idea of how most Romanians live. High energy prices and poor infrastructure have made firewood an absolute necessity in most rural communities and she would do better to address her energies towards problems that can be solved rather than simply generate more hot air.

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