Gridlock risks on the Danube


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The low levels of the Danube affected the river traffic, causing problems to the ship owners who cannot transport their goods safely and in due time. The Romanian river authorities say they are dragging the waters but the Bulgarian part doesn’t, TVR reports.

For instance, a Romanian convoy was struggling to cross the Danube at Zimnicea, on a section where the river had less over 2 meters depth and 20m width. The commander had to split the convoy in parts so that he could navigate.

It’s the same situation on a 60km area up to Giurgiu port. Every ship owner has to bear the costs of crossing the Danube and to face operation dangers in the narrow areas of the river.

Experts say that the problem could be solved if the Bulgarian authorities started dragging operations. They only finished the signaling procedures in the navigable area.

The Transport ministries from Romania and Bulgaria are negotiating to start dragging works in the affected areas, but if the Bulgarian side doesn’t find the necessary funds, the Romanian authorities could be forced to bear all costs.

There are costs of up to EUR 6,000 for each ship that has to cross the Danube these days.

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